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SIFT-MS enables selective, sensitive, real-time detection of trace gases in both indoor and outdoor settings. It can detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganics that cannot be easily targeted by traditional chromatographic methods. No sample preparation is required for direct detection of samples including those in complex matrices or high humidity. SIFT-MS can be used by both MS experts and non-technical users and is supported by a global team available 24/7.

Key benefits of Syft products:

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Instantaneous quantitation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganic gases using a fully integrated, extensive chemical ionization library.

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Real-time trace gas analysis to low parts-per-trillion by volume (pptV).

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Ease of operation with push-button simplicity and no sample preparation required.

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Designed for use in lab settings, production environments and in mobile applications.

How fast is Syft analysis?

SIFT-MS provides real-time trace gas detection of a broad range of compounds all at the same time. Watch this 2-minute demonstration of real-time data collection with a method targeting benzene, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and toluene.

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For routine, repeatable, volatiles analysis, nothing compares to automated SIFT-MS! Different inlet options are available to meet your application needs. SIFT-MS also simplifies headspace, sample bag and thermal desorption tube analyses compared to legacy chromatographic options. Ask your local representative about our fully integrated solution, developed in cooperation with GERSTEL and Element.

Benefits of Voice200ultra

  • Real-time analysis of volatile analytes to very low part-per-trillion by volume (pptV)
  • Instantaneous quantitation of VOCs and inorganic gases using a fully integrated, extensive chemical ionization library with >1,500 compounds
  • Analyze a broad range of VOCs and inorganic gases in a single run with no requirement of sample preparation
  • Ultra-selectivity
  • Ultra-stable quantitation
  • Ultra-reliability

Voice200ultra applications and use cases

Ambient Monitoring

The SIFT-MS technique provides rapid, high-sensitivity analysis of VOCs and inorganic gases at ambient levels, with no sample preparation and no discrimination against polar, thermally labile and reactive species.

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Small Polar Molecules

SIFT-MS simplifies detection of small polar species by analyzing them directly from gas or headspace to sub-ppbV concentrations, without requiring derivatization or preconcentration.

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Residual Solvent Analysis

SIFT-MS provides rapid characterization of compounds that are not easily monitored by other technologies.

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Mobile Monitoring

SIFT-MS instruments are easily mounted in vans and transported from location to location for convenient on-site analysis or deployment in an air monitoring campaign (obtaining similar data as shown in the figure).

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Drug Delivery Devices

SIFT-MS provides a very rapid and highly sensitive solution for the detection of residual monomers and other impurities in diverse drug delivery devices.

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Designed specifically for the demanding cleanroom environment, the Voice200infinity is the class-leading solution for real-time, high-sensitivity AMC analysis in cleanrooms. It analyzes the widest range of VOCs and inorganic compounds with low part-per-trillion by volume (pptV) detection limits. Infinity has the sensitivity and performance required for 24/7 monitoring of AMCs.

Voice200infinity Benefits to Fab Environments

  • Real-time air analysis to very low part-per-trillion by volume (pptV)
  • Instantaneous quantitation of VOCs and inorganic gases using a fully integrated, extensive chemical ionization library with >1,500 compounds
  • Designed and engineered for use in 24/7 semiconductor manufacturing environments
  • Single analysis of diverse VOCs and inorganic gases (including acid gases)
  • Easy integration and operation
  • Customer Support offices are located in key regions of Semiconductor manufacturing that offer 24/7 support

Voice200infinity applications and use cases

Cleanroom Monitoring

SIFT-MS provides rapid, high-sensitivity analysis of a wide range of AMCs, greatly reducing product loss and equipment failure.

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Bulk Gas

SIFT-MS can be integrated with existing online gas monitoring systems, enabling faster and more thorough detection of trace volatile impurities in bulk and specialty gases.

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Material Emissions

The rapid analysis provided by SIFT-MS instruments can be utilized to screen front opening unified pod (FOUP) components and completed assemblies prior to their use for transporting wafers.

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Configured for the simplest front-line mass spectrometry experience, the ContainerSure instrument is the class-leading solution for rapid, high-sensitivity fumigation and volatile toxic industrial chemical analyses. Protect front line staff with very low operational expenditure by implementing ContainerSure!

ContainerSure Benefits to Container Safety

  • Comprehensive, integrated trace fumigant and toxic industrial chemical (TIC) detection solution
  • Ease of operation with push-button simplicity and safe/unsafe answers
  • Detection of trace residues on surfaces using the Swab Desorber accessory
  • Real-time on-site analysis with laboratory-grade results; Designed and engineered for use in industrial environments
  • Instantaneous broad-spectrum identification and quantitation of diverse toxic chemicals

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