Environmental Mobile Monitoring

Syft’s mobile measurement of VOCs, coupled with GPS location and meteorological data, enables simplified patrolling of industrial areas, identification of 'hotspots' and rapid source tracking of pollutants.

Real-time monitoring of VOCs on location – detect pollutants wherever they occur!

SIFT-MS instruments are easily mounted in vans and transported from location to location for convenient on-site analysis or deployment in an air monitoring campaign (obtaining similar data as shown in the figure). The fast startup and self-validation of the instruments, together with stable long-term performance – even for installations with frequent site-to-site movements – has established SIFT-MS as the leading mobile VOC monitoring technique.

Fenceline monitoring of emissions from a storage tank using a van-mounted SIFT-MS instrument. One week of the month-long campaign is shown.

Mobile Monitoring benefits

Real-time analysis enables instantaneous detection of environmental pollutants

Single, selective analysis of chemically diverse compounds

Full GPS tracking option

High sensitivity and wide linear range (pptV to ppmV)

Sample customers

Mobile Monitoring resources

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Real-Time Ambient Air

Monitoring Campaigns Using Syft Sift-Ms

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Continuous, Selective, And Robust

Fenceline Monitoring, Using Sift-Ms

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Environmental Solutions Utilizing Sift-Ms

Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (Sift-Ms)

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Measure Ethylene OxIde In Real-Time

Ethylene Oxide poses an ongoing threat to our communities.

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Syft Application Talks 9

Mobile Measurements Using SIFT-MS

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High-Throughput Analysis

Of Volatile Compounds in Air, Water And Soil Using Sift-Ms

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Odor Characterization

At A Gelatin Factory, Using Sift-Ms

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