How fast and easy is Syft trace gas analysis?

SIFT-MS provides real-time trace gas analysis of a broad range of volatile compounds.  This chromatography-free technology delivers unmatched analytical flexibility and ease of use in characterizing multiple analytes within the same run.  Diverse compound classes and methods can be run back-to-back without any column or system changeover routines.  SIFT-MS is easy to use and is designed for use in the field, mobile applications, or the lab. 

Witness the speed and simplicity of the SIFT-MS real-time gas analyzer in this 2-minute video that shows data collection using a method that targets benzene, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and toluene.  Contact us to get a live demonstration in your lab!

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Live Demonstration of Next-Gen SIFT-MS

Watch this video to see a live demonstration of real-time trace gas analysis by SIFT-MS given by Massood Kadir, Business Development Manager at Syft Technologies.  Learn about the unique capabilities of SIFT-MS that simplify applications like consumer product safety and environmental protection.

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