SIFT-MS Technology

SIFT-MS is a form of direct mass spectrometry. It applies precisely controlled chemical ionization reactions to detect and quantify trace amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganic gases.  SIFT-MS is a unique trace gas analyzer capable of real-time VOC analysis and inorganic compound detection.  Multi-analyte targeting and high-throughput automation make it the clear choice when time to data is a critical parameter.  SIFT-MS also has unparalleled flexibility in running chemically diverse samples and disparate methods back-to-back with a single configuration that does not require physical changeover routines.

SIFT-MS technology in action

Three fundamental components of SIFT-MS

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1. Reagent ion generation and selection

Reagent ion generation and selection: SIFT-MS uses soft chemical ionization to generate mass-selected reagent ions that can rapidly quantify VOCs to low parts-per-trillion concentrations (by volume, pptv). Eight reagent ions (H3O+, NO+, O2+, O-, OH-, O2-, NO2- and NO3-) are obtained from a microwave discharge of moist or dry air. One reagent ion is selected at any particular time using a quadrupole mass filter.

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2. Analyte ionization

Analyte ionization: The selected reagent ion is injected into the flow tube and excess energy is removed through collisions with the carrier gas. The sample is then introduced at a known flow rate and the reactive compounds it contains are ionized by the reagent ion to form well-characterized product ions. Rapid switching between reagent ions provides high selectivity because the multiple reaction mechanisms provide additional independent measurements of each analyte. The multiple reagent ions also help to remove uncertainty from isobaric overlaps in mixtures containing multiple analytes.

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3. Analyte detection and quantitation

Analyte detection and quantitation: Product ions are sampled into a second quadrupole mass filter. Utilizing Syft's compound library, the software instantaneously calculates each analyte's concentration. This process enables real-time analysis of air samples at trace and ultra-trace levels without the requirement of pre-concentration.

Real-time, chromatography-free direct detection

SIFT-MS delivers real-time, chromatography-free direct analysis of compounds that traditionally require intensive sample preparation. No sample preparation is required for even complex matrices and high-humidity samples. SIFT-MS analyzes compounds that cannot be easily targeted by traditional chromatographic methods such as formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, ethylene oxide, and nitrosamines.

Key benefits:

  • Instantaneous, quantitative analysis of air and headspace with very high sensitivity and selectivity.
  • Simultaneous analysis of chemically diverse VOCs and inorganic compounds (e.g. hydrocarbons, oxygenates, nitrogen compounds, sulfur compounds, halogenated compounds, silicon compounds, and inorganics).
  • Designed for both expert and non-technical users.
  • Suitable for both laboratory and mobile environments.
  • Robust performance with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Intuitive software with easy navigation and interface.

SIFT-MS is a high-throughput solution that increases analytical capacity and speeds up time to data. Syft Technologies instrumentation unlocks bottlenecks across industries and applications by providing the broadest range of compound detection with instant results to non-technical users in a user-friendly format.