Environmental Atmospheric Research

Establishing the relationship between sources of pollution and their effects on ambient air quality is a key benefit of Syft's SIFT-MS technology. This enables air quality managers to predict the impact of emission sources and to assist in compliance and policy decisions.

Real-time volatiles analysis supports air quality modeling

SIFT-MS is supporting scientists committed to improving urban air quality, by providing the real-time VOC data necessary for building effective models. In addition to the high sensitivity of modern SIFT-MS instruments, the unique rapidly switchable reagent ion system enables a very wide range of VOCs and inorganic gases to be quantified in a single analysis.

Examples of compounds detectable using SIFT-MS are:

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Oxygenates, such as alcohols, aldehydes (including formaldehyde), and ketones (with real-time resolution of isomeric aldehydes and ketones)
  • Nitrogen compounds, such as nitrous acid (HONO), peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN), ammonia, amines and nitrosamines
  • Halogenated compounds, such as hydrogen chloride, methyl bromide, and perchloroethylene 
  • Sulfur compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and carbonyl sulfide

Toluene measurements made using three SIFT-MS reagent ions during a campaign in Beijing, China in November/December 2016. GC-FID data are shown for comparison. Courtesy of Dr Marvin Shaw, University of York, UK.

Atmospheric Research benefits

Real-time analysis enables instantaneous correlation with meteorological data

High sensitivity and wide linear range (pptV to ppmV)

Proven field deployable instruments, with mobile option

Single, selective analysis of chemically diverse compounds

24/7 operation with minimal downtime (<1% downtime for validation)

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Atmospheric Research resources

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Real-Time Ambient Air

Monitoring Campaigns Using Syft Sift-Ms

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Continuous, Selective, And Robust

Fenceline Monitoring, Using Sift-Ms

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Environmental Solutions Utilizing Sift-Ms

Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (Sift-Ms)

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Chloramine Analysis, Using SIFT-MS

Exposure to chloramines is a recognized health hazard in the home, recreation centers, and the workplace.

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Enhanced Environmental Monitoring 3

Ambient Monitoring and Atmospheric Research


Measure Ethylene OxIde In Real-Time

Ethylene Oxide poses an ongoing threat to our communities.

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Real-Time, Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring Using Direct MS

Air pollution has been described by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the largest single environmental health risk, with eight million deaths attributed to air pollution exposure each year.