Revolutionary Productivity For Volatile Residue and Impurity Analysis

15 months ago

Syft TracerTM replaces multiple chromatography systems while speeding up time to data.  Diverse sample analyses can be run back to back without the need for column changeover or other time consuming steps associated with chromatographic methods. SIFT-MS provides flexible sample analysis from a single configuration together with very stable, reproducible analysis.  Calibrations can be conducted days or weeks in advance of quantitative analysis, which means that the time to report a quantitative result is significantly reduced compared to conventional approaches. 

This application note describes a scenario applicable to contract research organization (CRO) and contract drug manufacturing organization (CDMO) laboratories in which multiple volatiles methods need to be conducted regularly, while also catering for the occasional urgent and unscheduled analytical procedure.  Time-separated calibration is utilized exclusively in this study because it enables extraordinary improvements to be achieved for method workflows and instrument productivity: one SIFT-MS instrument can replace multiple chromatographic systems and still have spare capacity.

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