Publication: Real-Time VOC Monitoring by SIFT-MS

7 months ago

A recent publication in the journal Environments describes how South Korean users from academia, industry, and government agencies adopted SIFT-MS for mobile VOC monitoring.  South Korea is a highly industrialized and densely populated nation and suffers from significant VOC and ozone pollution. In recent years, South Korea has implemented more stringent controls on industry to address air and water pollution, requiring more real-time and on-site analysis. The selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) technique has been increasingly adopted to monitor source emissions and their dispersion, enabling a more rapid response to pollution incidents. To this end, the flexibility of SIFT-MS instrumentation for both laboratory- and field-based analysis, including in mobile laboratories, has been valuable.  This paper discusses how SIFT-MS has been used in widespread applications of air pollutant monitoring, from characterization of emission sources to fenceline and ambient monitoring, to simplified pollution mapping, and incident response.

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