Syft Technologies Instrument Used in Korean News Piece

18 months ago

In a news report posted on Naver’s news site, a Syft Technologies Voice200ultra SIFT-MS instrument was used to determine the air quality in the city of Ansan.

Posted on February 22, 2020, the report details the Korean peninsula being trapped in a ‘fine dust dome’, a phenomenon where fine dust and other pollutants gather above urban areas and proceed to slowly descend, affecting the air quality at lower levels. Later, the scientists in the report state: “We have a machine that collects and analyses air pollutants” while showing the Voice200ultra. By using the instrument as well as the LabSyft software developed by Syft Technologies, they were able to determine that the air above the area was carrying high amounts of not only fine dust particles but also various pollutants.


This is the latest in a number of media pieces that utilize Syft Technologies’ instruments to further understand the air quality that is affecting the citizens of Korean urban areas.

You can view the original news piece by clicking here.

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Lalit Rane Bsc IT
Marketing Manager