High Throughput Screening of Recycled HDPE Pellets Using Untargeted Headspace-SIFT-MS-Analysis

18 months ago

Automated, direct headspace analysis using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) supports enhanced sustainability through rapid and economic screening of recycled packaging materials. This application note describes how SIFT-MS coupled with multivariate statistical analysis can be utilized for rapid screening of pelleted recycled HDPE via an untargeted “fingerprinting” approach (i.e., utilizing SIFT-MS SCAN mode).  Automated headspace-SIFT-MS analysis can classify HDPE at throughputs over 230 samples per day, offering great potential for rapid product screening.

Automated SIFT-MS analysis rapidly screens recycled polymer feedstock, assuring that the volatile emissions meet specifications for reuse while supporting sustainability initiatives.

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