Thermal Desorption-Direct MS: A Breakthrough in Analysis Speed and Throughput

Sample throughput is often a critical bottleneck for thermal desorption tube (TDT) analysis in the contract testing or research laboratory. By coupling in-line thermal desorption (TD) with SIFT-MS, throughputs of up to 20 tubes per hour can be achieved per instrument.

This webinar introduces SIFT-MS, a direct mass spectrometry technique that provides real-time detection of VOCs and many inorganic gases to sub-part-per-billion concentrations (by volume; ppbV), and explains the rationale behind seamlessly integrating TD with SIFT-MS.

In short, the benefits of coupling TD and SIFT-MS are economic distributed sampling (such as for US EPA Method 325) and much higher throughput for an industry-standard sampling media.

Analytical performance of TD-SIFT-MS will be described, together with a variety of case studies drawn from:

  • Vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ) analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Breath research