Syft App Talks #21. SIFT-MS BTEX Analysis Following Methanolic Extraction of Soil

SIFT-MS BTEX Analysis Following Methanolic Extraction of Soil
Dr Mark Perkins, Senior Applications Chemist, Anatune Limited, United Kingdom

Can SIFT-MS replace GC/MS as the analyzer in a method that uses methanolic extraction? The answer is yes!

Dr Mark Perkins describes how he has adapted to SIFT-MS an existing automated GC/MS method developed by his colleagues at Anatune. He presents the results of method validation for methanolic extraction of BTEX from soil, and applies the method to analysis of several certified reference materials (CRMs).

Dr Mark Perkins is a senior applications chemist and SIFT-MS expert at Anatune Limited, based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Mark joined Anatune in early 2015. His current role supports and expands the analytical capability of SIFT-MS – with a particular focus on autosampler integration and the development of automated test methods. Prior to joining Anatune, Mark graduated from the University of Southampton, UK, with a Ph.D. in electrochemistry. Then he joined the Malaysian Rubber Board’s UK research center as a senior analyst, running the gas and liquid chromatography section – eventually becoming the head of the whole analytical section.