SIFT-MS and the Power of Automation!

Why automate a direct mass spectrometric technique like SIFT-MS? To turn it into a practical, high-throughput analysis tool for the routine testing laboratory, contract research organization and R&D laboratory!

Automated SIFT-MS complements chromatographic methods by greatly simplifying analysis of polar and/or thermally labile low molecular weight volatiles, in addition to accelerating throughput for routine VOC analysis.

Watch this webinar to hear the behind-the-scenes story of how Anatune’s passion for automating routine testing coupled with Dr Mark Perkins’ outstanding technical skills took SIFT-MS from manual to automated laboratory analysis. Mark shares how combining Syft Technologies’ SIFT-MS with the GERSTEL multipurpose sampler creates a high-throughput analysis solution for volatiles. To illustrate this, he discusses sample bag analysis and various headspace techniques, alongside the benefits of SIFT-MS for method development. The presentation will conclude with live Q&A.