Fast, Simple Quantitation of Odors by SIFT-MS

Event Overview: 

Instrumental odor analysis is challenging due to the chemical diversity and short lifetime of many important odorants, the high sensitivity required, and the dynamic of the odor itself. Conventional sensor-based and chromatographic technologies are poorly suited to the task. 

Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) is a revolutionary direct mass spectrometric technology that provides comprehensive real-time odor analysis through detection and quantitation of diverse odorants—e.g., aldehydes, amines, organosulfur compounds, and volatile fatty acids—complementing conventional sensory analysis. 

This webinar will present a variety of SIFT-MS-based odor applications correlated with conventional sensory panel assessment, including: 

  • Characterization and routine monitoring of wastewater odors,
  • Body odor control/reduction in textiles,
  • Analysis of favorable and unfavorable aromas in cannabis and hemp products, and
  • Rapid screening of paperboard packaging.