An Evaluation of SIFT-MS for Instrument-Based Sensory Analysis: A Packaging Case Study

Join Syft’s Principal Scientist, Dr Vaughan Langford, for this webinar addressing chemical and sensory-like analysis with SIFT-MS, in the context of odors from paperboard packaging.

After introducing sensory and instrumental analysis of odor, Vaughan will summarize the results of the paperboard case study in detail to answer these questions:

  • Can SIFT-MS discriminate paper types?
  • Can SIFT-MS identify the mill that the paper comes from?
  • Can SIFT-MS predict the odor rating given by the sensory panel?
  • Can SIFT-MS predict the odor note/descriptor/character?

SIFT-MS looks to be a very promising tool for rapid instrument-based sensory screening! The presentation will conclude with live Q&A.