Syft Application Talks 3: Using SIFT-MS to Quickly and Accurately Look for Impurities in Hydrogen Fuel

In this first-of-its-kind presentation, Dr Thomas Bacquart describes his research at the UK National Physical Laboratory: development of new measurement standards for hydrogen fuel purity.

Prior to his presentation, there is a short interview with Dr Bacquart. This is followed by the recorded presentation, which first describes the context of his research: development of improved standards for hydrogen fuel purity that results in higher quality fuel, which prolongs fuel cell lifetimes. Dr Bacquart then presents his SIFT-MS results, which include determination of reactive, chromatographically challenging impurities such as ammonia, formaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide.

Don’t miss this Syft Application Talk, which was originally recorded at the 2019 UK/Europe User Meeting in Cambridge, United Kingdom in July 2019. Dr Bacquart will present again at the 2020 online meeting in July.