SIFT-MS Method Validation Webinar

Why automate a direct mass spectrometric technique like SIFT-MS? To turn it into a practical, high-throughput analysis tool for the routine testing laboratory, contract research organization and R&D laboratory!

Automated SIFT-MS complements chromatographic methods by greatly simplifying analysis of polar and/or thermally labile low molecular weight volatiles, in addition to accelerating throughput for routine VOC analysis.

SIFT-MS methods are straightforward to validate! Implementation of SIFT-MS in routine testing does not lead to anxiety but alleviates it, because automated SIFT-MS makes validation rapid. Join Dr Mark Perkins in this webinar to learn how!

Mark describes how the ICH Q 2 (R1) guidelines can be readily applied to SIFT-MS methods, whether in scenarios where only the analytical technique is changed or for tasks that pose a unique analytical challenge. He presents case studies for two such scenarios: 1) methanolic extraction of BTEX compounds (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene plus xylenes) from soil, 2) direct analysis of formaldehyde leaching into single-use pharmaceutical devices from polymeric components.