Voice200infinityAll compounds. All-in-One. Fast.

Made specially for the Semiconductor industry.

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One Analyzer. Many contaminants.

The Voice200infinity analyzer covers the range of key contaminations to pptv-levels in a single, flexible, online monitorting tool. Monitor your photo area for PGMEA and Acetic acide with the same analyzer you use to monitor the Copper process for H2S.

  • Refractories TMS,TEOS,PH3...
  • Condensable and Non-Condensable Organics PGMEA, Toluene, IPA, DBP...
  • Molecular Acids HF, HCl, Acetic acid, SO2...
  • Molecular Bases NH3...
  • Dopants
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Key Features

  • A single analytical tool for chemically diverse compounds – both organic and inorganic
  • Low-pptv detection limits for most organic compounds with measurement time of<10s/compound
  • <500pptv detection limits for most inorganic compounds
  • Automated validation to ensure measurement stability
  • Available for integration into a variety of sample delivery systems

Performance for Representative Compounds

Interested in something else? Contact us for data on the 1000+ additiona compounds in the Syft library.

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