Rapid, Simplified Residual Solvent and Volatile Impurity Analysis Using SIFT-MS

Volatile impurities occur frequently in pharmaceutical products and packaging and are often of significant concern due to their toxicity. SIFT-MS is a direct-injection mass spectrometry technique that provides real-time, selective, and economic analysis of volatile compounds in the gas phase. In addition to routine volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chromatographically challenging volatiles, such as formaldehyde, dimethylamine, and NDMA, are analyzed in real time without requiring derivatization or other special handling.

This webinar will describe SIFT-MS applications in the pharmaceutical industry, including:

  • Its use as an alternative procedure for USP <467> residual solvent analysis, and opportunities for online solvent analysis
  • Rapid, quantitative analysis of leachable formaldehyde from polyoxymethylene polymer and PEG excipient
  • High-throughput headspace screening for nitrosamine residues in drug products
  • Fast turnaround, simplified analysis of ethylene oxide residues in detergents used for cleaning validation.