Process and Specialty Gas Analysis Applications of Direct MS

In this webinar, we describe applications of SIFT-MS to diverse process and specialty gas applications. We introduce SIFT-MS, a form of direct mass spectrometry that provides real-time detection of a wide range of VOCs and many inorganic gases to part-per-trillion concentrations (by volume; pptV). The strength of SIFT-MS lies in the combination of four factors that other techniques lack:

  • Rapid analysis
  • Comprehensive compound detection, including highly reactive species
  • Selectivity
  • Simple, low-cost operation

SIFT-MS is well suited to process and specialty gas applications, as modern industry often requires high purity specialty gases to ensure that yields are high, catalysts are not poisoned and equipment is not damaged/subject to frequent maintenance.

Specifically, we discuss the following applications:

  • Reactive electronic gases
  • Impurities in beverage-grade carbon dioxide
  • Formaldehyde impurities in hydrogen fuel gas
  • Siloxanes and BTEX compounds (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes) in landfill/biogas
  • Water analysis across a wide range of concentrations