Rapid, Quantitative Analysis of Volatile Aldehyde Impurities In Paperboard Using Multiple Headspace Extraction

13 months ago

Quantitative determination of volatile aldehyde residues in paperboard is readily achieved using multiple headspace extraction-SIFT-MS analysis, with an eight-fold throughput increase over the equivalent conventional analysis.

By combining the power of direct analysis using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS), with the matrix-independent multiple headspace extraction (MHE) methodology, volatile compounds are quantified from condensed-phase samples, such as paperboard, absolutely and economically. 

This application note describes the utilization of MHE-SIFT-MS for direct, quantitative analysis of C1-C10 aldehydes and several other oxygenated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paperboard. MHE-SIFT-MS has an eight-fold higher sample throughput than conventional MHE-gas chromatography (MHE-GC) analysis, making this quantitative approach economically viable on a wider scale.

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