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Move residual solvent monitoring in-process (NOW!) with SIFT-MS!

Process analysis using SIFT-MS enables the solvent drying process to be monitored past the drying end-point measurable using conventional weighing methods.

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Accelerate formaldehyde screening in PEG excipients using SIFT-MS!

SIFT-MS greatly simplifies formaldehyde detection and quantitation through direct, instantaneous, and sensitive (sub-ppbV) sample ionization, yielding sample throughputs of up to 250+ samples/day.

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Simple SIFT-MS Analysis of Winchcombe Meteorite

On February 28, 2021 a meteorite struck the town of Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom (UK).  SIFT-MS is ideally suited to detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The SIFT-MS method used to analyze the meteorite is described briefly on page 11 of the Science article, with C1 to C6 alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acids targeted. 

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Amplify your volatile nitrosamines screening using SIFT-MS!

SIFT-MS is 2-4X as fast as traditional methods of nitrosamine analysis. Even better, SIFT-MS does not require recalibration every day – so you can have results in just 35 minutes, or up to 8x faster!

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