Next Gen SIFT-MS Launching at Pittcon 2023!

13 months ago

Syft Technologies launching the next generation of SIFT-MS, Syft Tracer, at Pittcon 2023!

Syft TracerTM is the latest advancement in real-time, direct injection mass spectrometry (MS) built to solve the most difficult analytical challenges faced within a variety of industries and applications.  This advancement to SIFT-MS delivers trace-level detection sensitivity, unparalleled performance stability, superior selectivity, and highly reproducible, quantitative data. 

See why Pittcon recognized Syft Technologies with a Pittcon 2023 Today Excellence Award.  Live demos to be performed daily in Syft Booth #3034!

Don't miss the Syft Technologies poster session and talk at Pittcon - details below.

Syft Technologies Poster Session

Syft Tracer: Real-Time VOC Analysis for Real Industry Challenges

by Leslie Silva, Daniel Milligan, Vaughan Langford, and Paul Johnson.  Visit Syft’s poster to be the first to see data from Syft Tracer, the next generation SIFT-MS.  Learn why it is the most industry scalable solution for analytical workflows.  Poster P1 at the Pittcon Poster Session at 6 pm on Mar 19th.

Syft Technologies Talk

Real-time VOC Analysis of Contaminants & Impurities in Personal Care and Pharmaceutical Products

by Leslie Silva.  Attend the talk on March 20th to learn how SIFT-MS was used to successfully measure benzene and other contaminants in personal care products (PCP) with high throughput. 

Talk Details:

Date: March 20th

Time: 11:05 am

Location: Room 126A

Session Number: C26, “Mass Spectrometry for Life Sciences”