SIFT-MS Enables Rapid Detection of Benzene in Consumer Products

13 months ago

Customer Testimonial

We asked David Light, CEO and Founder of Valisure, to tell us about his experience using SIFT-MS.  He describes how Syft technology enables his organization to investigate real-use scenarios because of its real-time data collection capabilities.  He also talks about the Valisure dry shampoo safety study in which SIFT-MS detected benzene at concentrations 10-50X higher than standard chromatographic techniques.

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Valisure Study Uses SIFT-MS to Detect Benzene in Dry Shampoo

Valisure recently completed a safety study that used SIFT-MS to discover benzene levels in dry shampoo that were 4000 times the EPA's guidance and 170 times the FDA's limit for drugs.  The Bloomberg article by Anna Edney details how SIFT-MS found benzene with 10-50X greater sensitivity than standard GC-based methods.  Unilever subsequently issued a voluntary recall of its dry shampoo products produced prior to October 2021 from Dove, Nexxus, Suave, TIGI (Rockaholic and Bed Head), and TRESemmé due to potentially elevated levels of benzene.  Since the Bloomberg story broke, it has subsequently been picked up by TIME, the LA Times, Dermatology Times, and MedPage.  Anna Edney wrote a follow-up article entitled, "A Look Inside the Lab Protecting Us from Dangerous Products" detailing the Valisure safety testing lab and how SIFT-MS provides more accurate testing of aerosolized contaminants like benzene.