Part 3: Food, Flavor and Agriculture

In this webinar, we continue our seven-episode series, which outlines the diverse applications of the SIFT-MS technique. In this third episode, our series presenter and expert in SIFT-MS applications, Dr Vaughan Langford, describes the wide range of food, flavor and agriculture applications in which SIFT-MS is employed.

SIFT-MS is a direct mass spectrometry (DMS) technique that utilizes ultra-soft chemical ionization (USCI) to provide continuous sample analysis with class-leading sensitivity (to parts-per-trillion by volume; pptV) and selectivity. It is unique among DMS techniques, as it allows rapid switching between chemical ionization agents. The excellent selectivity of SIFT-MS enables comprehensive detection of VOCs and inorganic gases, with the ability to quantify multiple analytes simultaneously. The wide range of analytes that can be measured coupled with excellent robustness to humidity make SIFT-MS a great solution for food, flavor and agriculture applications.

In the webinar, we discuss applications in these areas:

  • Flavor formation and release
  • Breath-based analysis
  • Origin classification
  • Freshness determination
  • Instrument-based sensory evaluations