Part 1: Environmental Monitoring

In this webinar, we begin our seven-episode series, which outlines the diverse applications of the SIFT-MS technique. In this first episode, our series presenter and expert in SIFT-MS applications, Dr Vaughan Langford, describes the wide range of environmental monitoring applications in which SIFT-MS is employed.

SIFT-MS is a direct mass spectrometry (DMS) technique that utilizes ultra-soft chemical ionization (USCI) to provide continuous sample analysis with class-leading sensitivity (to parts-per-trillion by volume; pptV) and selectivity. It is unique among DMS techniques, as it allows rapid switching between chemical ionization agents. The excellent selectivity of SIFT-MS enables comprehensive detection of VOCs and inorganic gases, with the ability to quantify multiple analytes simultaneously. The fact that SIFT-MS can monitor analytes in real-time makes it a versatile and powerful method for environmental monitoring applications.

In the webinar, we discuss applications in these areas:

  • Atmospheric research
  • Ambient monitoring
  • Fenceline and source monitoring
  • Environmental analysis “on the move”
  • Odor analysis
  • Soil and water analysis