Online Demonstration: Pharmaceutical Applications

This online demonstration showcases the pharmaceutical industry applications of SIFT-MS.

SIFT-MS is a technique that utilizes chemical ionization to quantify volatiles and inorganic gases in samples. Organic compounds (sulfurs, alcohols, aldehydes, esters and more) can be measured simultaneously.

VOCs are widely used in various pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and in other parts of the supply chain (e.g. polymer manufacture and packaging). Many VOCs, which cause adverse health effects, can find their way into the pharmaceutical products. When present above safe levels, they can result in product recalls, brand damage and lawsuits.

This workshop includes:

  • An overview of the current industries that are using SIFT-MS and the companies that are benefiting from it
  • What distinguishes SIFT-MS from other mass spectrometry techniques
  • Where and how SIFT-MS applies in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Live demonstrations: using SIFT-MS to analyze various samples
  • Breakdown of sample analysis, including Syft Technologies' custom software that displays data in real-time
  • Question and answer session