Semiconductor Cleanroom Monitoring

What's in your fab air? Monitor production-critical compounds simultaneously and continuously.

The broadest range of high sensitivity AMC detection by a single instrument

Successful fabrication of semiconductors, photovoltaics and LCD/LED panels requires extremely high-precision manufacturing equipment, operated in an ultra-clean environment. Volatile or semi-volatile contaminants in the production environment can degrade semiconductor performance and/or greatly shorten expensive maintenance cycles or operational service of fabrication equipment. SIFT-MS technology provides rapid, high-sensitivity analysis of the widest range of airborne molecular contaminants (AMCs) available to the semiconductor industry, greatly reducing product loss and equipment failure. 

Benefits of SIFT-MS for Cleanroom Monitoring

A single instrument to monitor for a broad range of chemically diverse AMCs

Simple integration with existing sample delivery infrastructure (single or multiple point)

24/7 operation with minimal downtime (<1% downtime for validation)

High selectivity and sensitivity (detection limits in pptV range)

Real-time AMC monitoring provides instant feedback on contamination events

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Semiconductor Industry Solutions

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Semiconductor FOUP Screening

High-Throughput FOUP and Components Screening, Using SIFT-MS

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Semiconductor AMC Monitoring

Real-Time, Comprehensive, and Sensitive Airborne Molecular Contaminant (AMC) Analysis, Using SIFT-MS

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Cleanroom Air Quality Monitoring

Airborne molecular contaminants (AMCs) cause major product quality issues in modern semiconductor fabrication, even at very low concentrations (part-per-billion and below).
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Semiconductor Bulk Gas Analysis

Untargeted Detection of Non-Conforming Raw Materials Using SIFT-MS: A Semiconductor Industry Case Study

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