Semiconductor Bulk Gas Analysis

Each step in your production process can be tightly controlled by SIFT-MS real-time trace gas detection whether it’s in the plenum, cleanroom, interstitial space, or subfab. Never waste a production batch again. 

Instant detection of trace impurities in bulk gases

Semiconductor fabrication plants consume a wide variety of high-quality bulk gases. Over a hundred pure gases and specialty gas mixtures are supplied to any given fab and all supplied gases must meet strict purity requirements. Continuous monitoring of bulk and specialty gases can play an essential role in reducing the incidence of impurity-related yield loss. SIFT-MS instruments can be integrated with existing online gas monitoring systems, enabling faster and more thorough detection of trace volatile impurities in bulk and specialty gases. Ensure the purity of gases in your production environment through instant contamination detection with SIFT-MS.

Bulk Gas benefits

Continuous, high-resolution and high sensitivity detection of trace gases

24/7 operation with minimal downtime (<1% downtime for validation)

Batch analysis option

Simple integration with existing sample delivery infrastructure (single or multiple point)

Untargeted screening option using SIFT-MS scan mode and multivariate statistical processing

Sample Customers

Bulk Gas resources

Application Note

Semiconductor FOUP Screening

The broad-spectrum and high-throughput analysis provided by SIFT-MS, coupled with high sensitivity and selectivity provides simple, real-time analysis of volatile emissions from front-opening unified pods (FOUPs) and components.

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Application Note

Semiconductor AMC Monitoring

The unique attributes of SIFT-MS enable the speciation and quantitation of volatile compounds in real-time, providing a single solution for online monitoring of clean room relevant organic and inorganic airborne molecular contaminants (AMCs) down to parts-per-trillion by volume (pptv) levels in semiconductor fabs.  Learn how to detect AMCs when they happen and never miss a contamination event again.

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Application Note

Semiconductor Bulk Gas Analysis

Real-time monitoring of gas streams using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) provides continuous product quality feedback. This application note describes how SIFT-MS SCAN analysis coupled with multivariate statistical analysis readily detects untargeted defects in semiconductor manufacturing “bulk gas.”

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Instant Detection of Non-Conforming Raw Materials Using SIFT-MS: A Semiconductor Industry

SIFT-MS can continuously analyze volatiles that indicate non-conformance of raw materials, such as bulk gases utilized in semiconductor manufacture. This webinar describes how SIFT-MS can be deployed in both targeted and un-targeted operational modes to enhance quality assurance and increase yields, via continuous monitoring.


SIFT-MS Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry

Learn about direct mass spectrometry by SIFT-MS which provides real-time, quantitative analysis of volatile compounds with trace-level sensitivity.  There are also no requirements of chromatography, pre-concentration, or sample prep!  SIFT-MS is easy to use and interpret data. 

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