Real-time VOC analysis for petrochemical applications that speeds up time to data in oil & gas surveying and production. Increase your capacity and shorten lead times in hydrocarbon characterization, BTEX fenceline monitoring, sour gas detection, and mudlogging.

SIFT-MS delivers high-throughput solutions that eliminate bottlenecks of the energy industry including prospecting, extraction, processing, environmental monitoring and product purity testing.

Most fuels and many modern products contain components that originate from hydrocarbons and other organic compounds occurring in crude oil. New commercial fuels, such as hydrogen, must meet stringent purity standards to prevent catalyst poisoning and premature degradation. SIFT-MS is the first technology that can quantify the full breadth of light-to-medium hydrocarbons and other VOCs in real-time, at the required concentrations, and with wide linear and dynamic ranges. SIFT-MS instruments also present a breakthrough in the detection, quantitation and tracing of petroleum hydrocarbons.

How we operate in the Petrochemical industry

Industry issue

High-penetration-rate drilling technologies present a challenge to current mud-gas analysis techniques: they are either too slow (gas chromatography (GC)), or do not quantify a complete range of compounds (photometric and electrochemical techniques).

Competitive benefit

Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) overcomes these limitations, identifying and quantifying volatile organic compounds (VOCs) directly from mud-tank headspace gas in real-time to the mid-part-per billion (ppb) concentration range. Hence SIFT-MS makes real-time hydrocarbon analysis viable in high penetration rate drilling operations.

Industry impact

The ability to quantify the volatile organics present in drilling mud, including the heavier hydrocarbon fractions, provides easy identification of hydrocarbon recirculation. Moreover, SIFT-MS minimizes both sample pre-treatment and calibration requirements, providing the ultimate solution for rapid, broad-spectrum hydrocarbon analysis at the well-side.

Sample customers

Petrochemical resources

Application Note

Continuous, Selective, And Robust Fenceline Monitoring

The selective, sensitive, rapid, and robust analysis provided by SIFT-MS makes it uniquely suited to outdoor air quality monitoring.

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Enhanced Environmental Monitoring 1: Fenceline and Odor Applications

This webinar is the first in a three-part series on enhanced environmental monitoring using SIFT-MS: a direct mass spectrometry (DMS) technique that utilizes ultra-soft chemical ionization to provide continuous sample analysis with high sensitivity and selectivity.

Hydrogen Sulfide in Natural Gas

Detection of Hydrogen Sulfide in Natural Gas, Using SIFT-MS

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Petrochemical Industry Solutions

Petrochemical Industry Solutions Utilizing Sift-Ms

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Rapid, Well-Side Mud Logging of Hydrocarbons, Using the Syft Mudlogger Solution

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Real-Time Ethylene Oxide and Fence Line Monitoring Using SIFT-MS

As regulators impose more stringent air quality standards, there is a growing need for high-quality analytical devices that can be taken into the field for in-situ monitoring.