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A flexible analytical technique, meeting needs as diverse as day in-day out routine analysis in contract laboratories and innovative research.

For contract labs, automated SIFT-MS delivers up to 25-fold throughput increases compared to conventional methods.

Plus get simplified, direct analysis of chromatographically challenging compounds (e.g. formaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide). For researchers, high sensitivity, high selectivity and very flexible sample delivery coupled with direct analysis are key benefits.

Sensitive, repeatable analysis of volatile compounds in air

Automation has been widely utilized by traditional chromatographic techniques for many years, enabling instrumentation to be productive 24/7 – a critical consideration when sample throughput is typically only 20 to 60 samples in 24 hours due to the slow analysis.

Further, chromatography itself can be a major limitation of traditional techniques because the breadth of analysis is constrained: multiple columns or several techniques may be required to comprehensively analyze one sample.

The advent of SIFT-MS – a cutting-edge analytical technique that comprehensively analyzes samples to parts-per-trillion (ppt) concentrations within seconds – redefines automation of volatile organic compound (VOC) and inorganic gas analysis. Rapid SIFT-MS analysis provides unique opportunities for high-throughput sample analysis, whether for routine VOCs, chromatographically challenging species (such as ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen sulfide) or any combination of these. SIFT-MS automation presents a major breakthrough in high-throughput headspace and gas analysis, with possible throughputs in excess of 100 samples per hour using sample bags.

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Syft Tech Talks 1: A Semi-Technical Introduction to SIFT-MS

Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) enables selective gas analysis to sub-part-per-trillion levels within seconds.

Syft Tech Talks 2: Overview of Quantitation in Syft SIFT-MS Instruments

Syft Technologies’ SIFT-MS instruments quantify volatile compounds in air or headspace in real time… but how do they do it?

Syft Tech Talks 3: Introduction to the Ion Chemistry of SIFT-MS

Highly controlled gas-phase reactions of ultra-low energy reagent ions with trace volatile analytes enable Syft Technologies’ SIFT-MS instruments to analyze air and headspace samples in real time, whilst disregarding bulk constituent gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and argon.

SIFT-MS Solutions For Research

Volatile and semivolatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) are ubiquitous and important in matrices as diverse as human breath, food, industry, and the atmosphere. Often VOCs and SVOCs occur at trace or ultra-trace concentrations and sophisticated chromatographic techniques are employed for their identification and quantitation.

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