We are global

Syft has a worldwide presence 🌏

With locations in New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the US, Syft has a strong position within local markets. This allows us serve our customers faster and better. Our worldwide presence is the base from which we employ and develop talent for different facets of our business, making us truly global. At Syft, we speak your language!


People are our greatest assets

At Syft, you will be part of a vibrant team of extremely driven and high-performing scientists, technicians and engineers. Syft is a hub for knowledge, collaboration and innovation, where constant learning has a central role. Our company’s success relies on the pioneering attitude and hard work that people across all our teams deliver.

We challenge the status quo

Staying action-oriented

We are a non-traditional company, where people are given a high level of freedom, flexibility, input and responsibility. You will sometimes feel like you are outside your comfort zone - but that’s rewarding, fun and leads to rapid personal growth! Once you join the Syft family, you can be confident you will be backed to deliver.

We encourage debate and ensure inclusiveness

We embrace diversity

We believe the greatest decisions are made by the people closest to the action and the role of senior people is training, mentorship and direction. The best ideas can come from anyone and everyone. To us, diversity means diversity of thought and ideas, which leads to more innovation. We will take all opinions into account – everyone is expected to challenge and be challenged.

We work hard and have fun

We enjoy the journey

At Syft we have a fun, flexible working environment and a positive culture, focused on being active and social. We embrace freedom and foster social connections. We have touch rugby, swimming and basketball clubs during lunch, whilst our cake club provides the necessary energy to keep going in the afternoon. From surfing and skiing, to marathons and trampoline dodgeball, there’s always something going on!

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