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VOCs are important – but invisible – pollutants. Some are highly toxic (including the carcinogens benzene and formaldehyde), some have nuisance value (e.g. producing offensive odors or lacrimation) but all VOCs are contributors to photochemical smog....[+]

  • Ambient Monitoring
    Atmospheric Research
    Mobile Monitoring
    Odor Analysis
    Water and Soil


Production of modern semiconductors at high yield requires ultra-high purity reagents, very low emission transportation and stringent air quality controls in the fab. The combination of high sensitivity analysis, the very wide range of chemicals used...[+]

  • Cleanroom Monitoring
    Bulk Gas Analysis
    Material Emissions
    Fenceline and Stack Monitoring

Lab & Research

SIFT-MS is an extremely flexible analytical technique, meeting needs as diverse as day in-day out routine analysis in contract laboratories and innovative research. For contract labs, automated SIFT-MS delivers up to 25-fold throughput increases comp...[+]

  • Automation
    Routine Analysis
    Thermal Desorption
    Mobile Laboratory

Consumer Products

Flavors and aromas – whether favorable or unfavorable – are primarily derived from VOCs. These odor-active volatiles (OAVs) are chemically very diverse, impart a wide range of sensations to the human olfactory system and have a wide range of sensory...[+]

  • Food Processing
    Food, Flavor and Fragrance Processing
    Material Emissions


Volatile compounds – individually or as a profile – can indicate health status of humans and other organisms. Volatiles (aka small molecules) are also significant in the pharmaceutical industry as solvents, impurities and packaging material residues....[+]

  • Pharmaceutical
    Breath Research
    Microbial Research

Indoor Air & Safety

Many VOCs pose risks to human health and the general well-being of modern society. Some have severe acute toxicity, such as fumigation chemicals and chemical warfare agents. Others have chronic health effects and are carcinogenic, such as benzene an...[+]

  • Container Safety
    Workplace Safety
    Indoor Air Quality


VOCs and inorganic gases are emitted from diverse automotive components, assembled motor vehicle cabins and as combustion by-products from motor vehicles. Some emissions are highly toxic (including the carcinogens benzene and formaldehyde), some have...[+]

  • Vehicle Interior Air Quality
    Material Emissions
    Leak Detection
    Vehicle Emissions


Most fuels and many modern products contain components that originate from hydrocarbons and other organic compounds occurring in crude oil. New commercial fuels, such as hydrogen, must meet stringent purity standards to prevent catalyst poisoning and...[+]

  • Petrochemical

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